My name is...


Hi, I`m Polina. 25 years old. Russia.

• 7 years Studio Experience

• Leadership Experience

• Animation skills: Stop-motion, 2D, 3D, Cut-outs

• Mindfulness, stress resistance

Dragonframe | Adobe Premiere Pro | Adobe Photoshop | Maya

Educational background:

• Vilnius Academy of Arts (VAA) Jul 2016 – Aug 2016  Directing 

• The University of the Arts London (UAL) Mar 2014 – Apr 2014 Storyboard Art

• The Theatre and Art College in Moscow 2012 — 2016 Animation  

 "Welcome" 2017

Collaborated with the Moscow animation studio. Received full funding for the project from the Government of Moscow. Managed a team of 10 people. My work included the creation of a script for a 7 min stop-motion film, a full artistic production, directing and animation. Awards: Winner International Timelapse Festival (2017), Best debut film Suzdal Animation Festival (2017), Stop Motion Montreal (2017), Absolute Winner Opavsky Pav (2017) , Los Angeles San Rafael Award (2017), Absolute Winner Opavsky Pav (2017), Los Angeles San Rafael Award (2017), Finalist Barcelona Stopmotion (2017), ANNY: Animation Nights New York (2017), SICAF (2017) etc.

 "The Way to School" 2018

New experience in creating a 7 min film in the technique of computer cut-outs. Collaboration with artists, screenwriter and animators. Experience remote work with freelancers. Learning new program - Moho Pro. 

"Miracle of Misha" 2019

Creation of a 3 min film in collaboration with a team from St. Petersburg. Consultative work as a director, screenwriter. And full technological supervision of creating stop motion. Creating 3 minutes of animation within 1.5 months.


3D Animator Aug 2017 – Nov 2017 Animations film “Sadko”, LLC “Film Company “STV”

Production of character 3D animation, with a period of training Maya for one week. Work in a large team. Work within tight production deadlines.

                 2D Animator 2014 – 2016

 Work as an artist, cartoonist, assistant animator, inbetweener.

Nowadays, I work as a stop-motion animator.I'm shooting various commercials in this technique and ready to cooperate in this area with new interesting people: to help you create interesting projects, both in the field of animation and advertising.


I dont know how to fly or fight with swords, but my job is to pretend, that I can. Lets do it!