“WINDOW TO EUROPE” 25th Russian Film Festival

The ‘Window to Europe’ film festival was hold in Vyborg. http://oknofest.com/

There were 300 applications for the festival, and 130 out of them have entered the program. Let us remember, that the main character Brother and Brother 2 criminal dramas by A. Balabanov Danila was played by Sergey Bodrov Junior was the symbol of the festival.

I was a participant of this festival with the film "Welcome", in the nomination - Animation. It was an interesting experience with cinema-goers. Because it is primarily a festival of feature and documentary films. It was great to make a lot of new friends there. So, of course, victory is not the main thing!

Here you will find the full version of the program: http://47channel.ru/event/V_Okno_v_Evropu_zaglyanuli_deti/

Some Putin...........:http://en.kremlin.ru/events/president/news/55309

Polina Kutukina

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